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We are through four weeks of school and we've had a wonderful start.  Our 5th Graders are not new to us, but their size is.  We're not used to having such tall folks walking our halls on a regular basis.  I'm very pleased at how they perform at school.  They are a very pleasant group of students.  I'm looking forward to having them "lead" for the 2nd straight year.

One of the best things about this group of students is their willingness to learn new concepts.  They are very receptive to the new material they're being taught.  These students show much responsibility in their actions.  As a group, they get along really well with each other.  This quality will benefit them later in life when they play football or other sports for Lorena High School.

Our 5th Grade teachers have a great relationship with this group of students.  Mrs. Browne and Dr. Curtis teach math, Mrs. Kelley, teaches them science, and Mrs. Ordner and Mrs. Biles are their language, social studies, and reading teachers.  We're blessed to have such a strong group of teachers leading this "new" group of learners.

This is the 4th year for most of these 5th graders.  I can honestly say that they like being here at the elementary.  We're going to enjoy their stay here as long as possible.  Let's hope these students take us to greater heights in our academics this year.  

So, all in all, we're blessed to have such a great group of students being taught by teachers who love to teach and are willing to go the extra mile for them.

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We are excited about the new year that is just around the corner.  In order to prepare for the new school year, I want to inform you of a couple changes.  

DRESS CODE CHANGE:  First, we are altering our dress code.  The following has been added to our handbook.  The bolded italics are what we are adding:

ELEMENTARY:  Students may wear shorts.  Shorts should be conservative and modest in appearance.  The length must not be higher than the length of the fingertips when the arms are held at full length at the sides.  If the shorts are too short, the child will be told not to wear them again.  If the child continues to wear shorts that are too short, the parent will be notified and appropriate actions will be taken.  Skin tight clothing is not appropriate as an outer garment (i.e., biker shorts, leotards, tights).  Baggy/sagging clothing is not allowed.

AFTERNOON PICK-UP LINE:  Our afternoon parent pick-up during dismissal will be changed because of the configuration of our front entrance.  Students who will be picked up will sit in the gym rather than in the front of the building.  Our pick-up line will begin at the front of the gym.  Red squares will be painted on the sidewalk to designate where the child will stand to be picked up.  Six pick-up spots will be in place.  Students will wait in the gym until their name is called and then will proceed to the designated pick-up spot.  Parents, we hope this provides a quick and efficient way for you to pick up your child in the afternoon.  Also parents, because of all the construction and potential congestion, it is strongly advised to pick your child up in the line this year, rather than walking up to find your child.  I appreciate your cooperation on this.  Bus dismissal will stay the same as in past years.

CHECKING IN:  Because of the changes to our entry area, checking in for lunch and other times will be different.  Please be patient with the new procedures for checking in.  


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