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We are excited about the new year that is just around the corner.  In order to prepare for the new school year, I want to inform you of a couple changes.  

DRESS CODE CHANGE:  First, we are altering our dress code.  The following has been added to our handbook.  The bolded italics are what we are adding:

ELEMENTARY:  Students may wear shorts.  Shorts should be conservative and modest in appearance.  The length must not be higher than the length of the fingertips when the arms are held at full length at the sides.  If the shorts are too short, the child will be told not to wear them again.  If the child continues to wear shorts that are too short, the parent will be notified and appropriate actions will be taken.  Skin tight clothing is not appropriate as an outer garment (i.e., biker shorts, leotards, tights).  Baggy/sagging clothing is not allowed.

AFTERNOON PICK-UP LINE:  Our afternoon parent pick-up during dismissal will be changed because of the configuration of our front entrance.  Students who will be picked up will sit in the gym rather than in the front of the building.  Our pick-up line will begin at the front of the gym.  Red squares will be painted on the sidewalk to designate where the child will stand to be picked up.  Six pick-up spots will be in place.  Students will wait in the gym until their name is called and then will proceed to the designated pick-up spot.  Parents, we hope this provides a quick and efficient way for you to pick up your child in the afternoon.  Also parents, because of all the construction and potential congestion, it is strongly advised to pick your child up in the line this year, rather than walking up to find your child.  I appreciate your cooperation on this.  Bus dismissal will stay the same as in past years.

CHECKING IN:  Because of the changes to our entry area, checking in for lunch and other times will be different.  Please be patient with the new procedures for checking in.  

Hello everyone.  We've been watching the progress of our improved building complex this summer and have been very pleased with how it is looking.  As of August 7th, the construction is nearing completion.  Just to let you know, we are proud of the new additions and the smell of fresh paint and new carpet to our school.  Here's what we're looking forward to:
1) Entrance area:  We have a more secure and appealing front.  New double doors for our entry, new canopy for the front, and an appealing update to our walls and sign-in area.
2) Office updates:  Mrs. Sanders (our new assistant principal) has her office in the entry area.  The reception area has new cabinets, a newer desk, and a new intercom system.  My office is enlarged as well as the nurse's office (now called our "clinic").  My office has beautiful windows, giving me a lot of sun.
3) 5th Grade wing:  All the cabinets have been painted and new carpeting has been added to all the rooms.
4) 3rd and 4th grade wings:  New cabinets have been purchased with new carpeting and more electrical plugs.  Also, new speakers to the rooms connect our new intercom system.
5) Halls:  All our halls have new tiling.  We now have black and red lines down our hall.  New paint in the halls with a new red, black, and gray trim give it a brand new appeal.
6) Restrooms:  All our restrooms have been updated with new toilets, stalls, and basins for their handwashing.
7) Cafeteria:  The floor in the cafeteria is beautiful.  A combination pattern of white, black, and red tiles make it look very spacious.  We now have adult restrooms in the cafeteria where the stage used to be.  This will provide conveniance for our visitors and give our staff another restroom facility.
8) Connections:  Our main building is connected to our two outer buildings.  The walkway to the gym provides a wider area for wheelchair access and will be covered and enclosed so students can enter and exit the gym safely.  Our cafeteria has a connecting hall to our "fourplex" building.  This will provide easy access for our Lifeskills class and allow students to get to the Leopard Room without having to go outside.
9) Teachers' workroom:  We've moved our teachers' workroom next to the breakroom.  They are now connected are have new cabinets and flooring.  This will be a better set-up for all teachers, being centrally located in the building and close to the staff breakroom.  We also have new floori
ng and cabinets in our breakroom.
10) Library:  Our library has new carpeting that looks different than the rest of the carpeting in the building.  It looks sharp.  We also have a new desk for check-out.
11) Alley:  We will have a smooth road in the back along with new sidewalks and canopies.  The back road will have better drainage and will have speed bumps so traffic will be managed.  NOTE:  Traffic behind the elementary school is limited to school vehicles and vendors for the cafeteria.

All-in-all we're getting so much for our students and staff.  We are all excited about the new look to our building and with all the positive changes, it will be even more delightful coming to work every day.

     Good day everyone!!  We have so much to be thankful for in our world today.  Life at Lorena Elementary School is full of blessings.  I want to brag on my school staff.  Everyone of my classroom teachers comes to school, ready to learn.  My special teachers who take care of math, Special educaiton, reading, PE, and computers all are seeking ways to improve our students' academic levels.  Our paraprofessionals all work together to supplement needs during our GAP times, lunch, and individual and small group sessions.  Our office staff is very professional and offers their assistance daily to parents and others who come to visit the school.  Yes, we may all be looking at the calendar, seeing how many days there is until summer.  But, while we're waiting, we enjoy each day we're given to be with our students.
     Many days when I come from off campus during recess time, I hear the children on the playground.  Cat Stevens wrote a song entitiled, "Remember the Days of the Old Schoolyard."  In the song you hear the sound of children playing.  There's nothing like the "buzz" of students interacting with each other.  To me, it's a peaceful and pure sound that brings back the "good ole' days" of when I was a child.  How many of us would like to go back to our childhood to experience the carefree spirit that most of us experienced at that age.
     As principal, I want our students to experience childhood as it really should be - with innocence and love showering them every day.  I want all of our students here to show confidence in themselves as they grow and mature.

 I want them to learn to "stand on their own two feet," while having every opportunity to experience success.
     There are so many things in our world that is changing, some for the good and changes I'm not happy with.  If I can prolong each child's innocence and love for being a child, I feel like I've succeeded in my day.  If you're a parent reading this, take time to enjoy your child being young and vivacious.  Find time to listen to your child's stories and accomplishments.  Tuck them in tonight.  Read them an extra long bedtime story so you can hear the sweet yawns as they get ready to slumber.  Promote childhood everyone.  It IS a beautiful day here in the neighborhood of Lorena Elementary School!


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