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The NED Show (May 4th)
Even though it's been a long and prosperous year, I'm ready for the summer.  I'm setting my sights on a new school year, filled with new faces and others whom I'm known for a while.  The halls are now filled with desks and chairs, the bulletin boards are empty, and the rooms are getting prepared for cleaning.  My office has not changed.  That's a good thing, since the last two summers we all had to move out during the summer.  Last year I was at the middle school and two summers ago I was housed at the Primary School.  I will get a lot done, being in my own office.

Career Day (May 25th)
The end of this year went well.  I think this has been the busiest May since I've been a principal. We added Career Day to the list of things to do.  Career Day, along with the many other events were all huge successes.  These pictures depict some of the events we enjoyed during the final part of the school year.

STAAR - our students did fabulous
I'm proud of our teachers and staff for completing a very successful year.  Our initial STAAR scores came in for the 5th grade:  90% for reading and 92% for math.  The rest of the scores will come in on June 15th.

Market Day (May 26th)
I'll be around for most of the summer.  If you need something, drop by or give us a call.  The school number is 857-4613.  Summer school will begin on July 25th and run through August 5th.  Many have already signed up to come.

4th Grade to Ft. Worth
Stockyards (May 20th)
Meet the Teachers night will be on August 19th (5:30-6:30) and the first day of school will be the next Monday, August 22nd.

2nd Graders come to visit (May 24th)

In an effort to gather information and improve our schools and district, we are requesting your participation in a short parent survey. The survey will be available until May 6th. We want to hear from you.

Please take a few minutes and provide us with feedback in order to make our schools the best they can be. We appreciate you being partners with us in our most important responsibility of educating your children.

*If you have students at more than one school, please fill out a survey for each campus. There will be a link at the end of the survey for you to submit another.

It's been a long time since I've posted on my Elementary page.  Sorry for that.  Since coming back from Christmas, things have been moving along pretty swiftly.  It seems like after Christmas things would slow down, but that's the exact opposite.  We are accomplishing much this Spring.  I want to let you know of a few things:

BEAT THE FACTS:  This is our annual math contest where students eagerly study their math facts, becoming familiar with them.  A two minute test is given weekly to our students during a five week time frame.  Two bonus tests are given, which totals seven times that a student can "beat the facts."  The goals are simple:  3rd Grade:  Get 34 multiplication problems (through 9's) correct in a 2 minute test and you beat the facts.  4th Grade:  Get 42 multiplication problems (through 12's) correct in a 2 minute test and you beat the facts.  5th Grade:  Get 42 multiplication and division problems (through 12's) correct in a 2 minute test and you beat the facts.

OUR SCHOOL GOAL:  This year we had 305 students beat the facts and many others that came close.  And, this year is our first year to meet our school goal of 300 students.  On March 4th, our students were rewarded with a day of fun - movie, extra recess, snow cones, fun activities in the classroom.  It was a great way to spend the day before Spring Break

PERSONAL GOALS:  All throughout this contest, students were upping their goals to beat their score from the week before.  Most students doubled or tripled their scores throughout the contest.  Every child made improvements.  That is what is important.

BEAT THE FACTS CHALLENGE:  15 of our fastest students who know their math facts competed on March 4th to see who was the fastest.  The following are the students who competed:

3rd Grade:                                 4th Grade:                                          5th Grade:
1st: Daniel Miller (118)            1st:  Landon Holze (119)                    1st: Jasmin Romero (123)
2nd:  Gavin Schrader (88)        2nd: Place: Bailey Henderson (108)   2nd:  Austin Evans (104)
3rd:  Riley Robertson (84)        3rd:  Gabriel Bachert (105)                 3rd:  Kandrin Johnson (94)
4th:  Addison Rohde (79)         4th:  Mackenna Holt (94)                     4th: Kendall Bready (93)
5th:  Mason Walker (77)           5th: Jackson Generals (93)                  5th: Isabel Gallegos (91)

PETER PIPER PIZZA TRIP:  The 15 finalists for our Beat the Facts Challenge went to Peter Piper Pizza with Mr. Anderson on March 4th.


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