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     Good day everyone!!  We have so much to be thankful for in our world today.  Life at Lorena Elementary School is full of blessings.  I want to brag on my school staff.  Everyone of my classroom teachers comes to school, ready to learn.  My special teachers who take care of math, Special educaiton, reading, PE, and computers all are seeking ways to improve our students' academic levels.  Our paraprofessionals all work together to supplement needs during our GAP times, lunch, and individual and small group sessions.  Our office staff is very professional and offers their assistance daily to parents and others who come to visit the school.  Yes, we may all be looking at the calendar, seeing how many days there is until summer.  But, while we're waiting, we enjoy each day we're given to be with our students.
     Many days when I come from off campus during recess time, I hear the children on the playground.  Cat Stevens wrote a song entitiled, "Remember the Days of the Old Schoolyard."  In the song you hear the sound of children playing.  There's nothing like the "buzz" of students interacting with each other.  To me, it's a peaceful and pure sound that brings back the "good ole' days" of when I was a child.  How many of us would like to go back to our childhood to experience the carefree spirit that most of us experienced at that age.
     As principal, I want our students to experience childhood as it really should be - with innocence and love showering them every day.  I want all of our students here to show confidence in themselves as they grow and mature.

 I want them to learn to "stand on their own two feet," while having every opportunity to experience success.
     There are so many things in our world that is changing, some for the good and changes I'm not happy with.  If I can prolong each child's innocence and love for being a child, I feel like I've succeeded in my day.  If you're a parent reading this, take time to enjoy your child being young and vivacious.  Find time to listen to your child's stories and accomplishments.  Tuck them in tonight.  Read them an extra long bedtime story so you can hear the sweet yawns as they get ready to slumber.  Promote childhood everyone.  It IS a beautiful day here in the neighborhood of Lorena Elementary School!
     For the sixth year, Lorena Elementary School students took on the challenge to BEAT THE FACTS.  In order to "Beat the Facts," a student must master his/her basic math facts for their grade.  2nd Grade has subtraction, 3rd Grade has multiplication through the nines, and 4th Grade has multiplication through the 12's.  All students are given tests with a 2-minute time limit.  The goal is for all 2nd graders to get 25 subtraction facts correct in 2 minutes, 3rd graders to get 34 multiplication facts (through nines) correct in 2 minutes, and 4th graders to get 42 multiplication facts (through 12's) in 2 minutes.  All students who "Beat the Facts" are given a special "Beat the Facts" Spirit Stick.  
Four students proved to be the fastest
in the school (From left to right)
Emily Flores; Jaylyn Arp;
Kassidy Robinson; Landon Holze
     This is just the beginning to the challenges.  When students receive a perfect paper, they advance to the next level of tests.  Each time a student gets 100% on their paper, they advance to the next level.  Tests of 50, 80, 100, 120, and even 140 give students challenges to improve in a two minute period.  
     There were some students who improved every week.  Some had very high scores.  Students with the 
Fifteen students with the highest
averages ingrades 2-4 for the
2013-2014 Beat the Facts contest
 top five averages from each grade level were rewarded with a special trip to Peter Piper Pizza with Mr. Anderson.  They also competed to see who the fastest students were in each grade level in a special Beat the Facts Challenge held on March 20th.  The top students were:  Jaylyn Arp (120 correct - 4th grade), Kassidy Robinson (73 correct - 3rd grade), and a tie in 2nd grade - Emily Flores & Landon Holze (85 correct - 2nd grade).
Students prepare to compete in our
"Beat the Facts Challenge"
     One class had 100% who made their goal.  Congratulations to Mrs. Jeffrey's 2nd grade class for meeting that challenge.  They received an ice cream party for their accomplishments.
     As a body, our school came very close to our school goal.  There were 235 students who made their goal, 36 short of our school goal of 271.  Each year we attempt to reach that goal, but have come up short every year.  We'll try again next year.
On January 30th we honored our students for their efforts in our Academic UIL competition this year.  Our goal was to be 1st overall in our district.  I am proud of our efforts.  We took 3rd place overall behind two strong competitors (China Spring and Robinson).  We had many individual accomplishments.  The following students received medals in their events:

  1. Oral Reading:  Taylor Cargill (1st); Megan Hodges (5th); Abbie Tuyo (4th)
  2. Storytelling:  Dani Gibbs (6th); Greyson Glaser (5th); McKenzie Miller (3rd); Addie Sykora (6th)
  3. Spelling:  Landon Holze (1st - with a perfect paper); Cara McMillan (6th); Cade Amber (3rd); Evan Ammouri (1st)
  4. Writing:  Kate Roberson (5th); Isabella Bradford (5th); Lexie Hancock (4th); Mason Blalock (2nd) Mason Strauch (1st)
  5. Music Memory:  Fiona Fulton (1st)
  6. Number Sense:  Caleb Blanek (4th); Cade Walker (3rd); Garrett Glaser (1st)
  7. Art:  Reid Cargill (4th); Megan Brady (4th)
We also had some team awards:
  1. Oral Reading - Tied for 1st in the District
  2. Number Sense - 1st in the District
We also had one grade level receive an award:
  • 4th Grade:  1st in the District 
Next year we will have 5th grade on our campus, so we will be responsible for TEN events.  2nd grade will be on the Primary campus next year, but will still be competing in the competition.


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