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Wil Ferderer and James Webb
receive the Principals' Award
Elijah Turley and Mason Blalock
receive the Principal's Award
     We've been blessed to have a fantastic year so far.  In my eleven years as principal, I can't remember a year that has been so full of hard work, especially by our students.  Students come to school to learn, be with their friends, and to take on whatever is given them both academically and socially.  I appreciate how well our students are behaving this year.  
Marissa Zechmann and Kaitlyn Sheffer
receive the "Growth Award" from
Mr. Anderson
     The following are some special events that we've had this month.  Our Awards Assemblies take place in our Performing Arts Center.  Teachers give away a lot of awards.  Students earn other awards, like honor roll, perfect attendance, homework, no tardies, and clean slate.   Mrs. Miller (our counselor) put together some memorable videos for each of the three grade levels.  Her thrust in her lessons with classes focuses on Rachel's Challenge - how to spread kindness to others.  The students enjoyed seeing their art work set to music.
Averie Zant and Jacey Dewbre
enjoy some pizza and games
     The day before the Awards Assembly, a drawing was held, choosing 15 students (5 from each grade level) who made the honor roll, to eat pizza with Mr. Anderson at Peter Piper Pizza.  As always, we had a great time eating and playing for a few hours away from scho
Caleb Blanek is proud of his
efforts both in academics
and the ability to win 1,000
tickets at Peter Piper
Abigale Fuller and Emma Romer
enjoy some dress up time
at the 5th Grade Family Night

     This month was the setting for our first 5th Grade Family Night.  This year's family night was "Team up to Win it."  Students and parents visited our school cafeteria on the 20th to play games that focused on the gameshow, "Minute to Win it."  The cafeteria was full of families who came to enjoy each others' company and to play games competitively.

Emi     Finally, our students have not only been playing, but they've been working hard.  Each of the three grades took some important benchmark tests in Math, Reading, Writing, and Science.  3rd - 5th graders took a lengthy test to determine what they've learned so far in these subjects.  Writing was given to the 4th graders and the Science test was given to our 5th graders.  In each of these areas we use the data to determine students' progress at this time of the year.  We plan to have a longer, more comprehensive test called our Mock STAAR later in the year.  

Lorena Elementary had a great week celebrating Red Ribbon Week!  Along with a dress-up theme each day that encouraged the importance of a drug-free lifestyle, each morning a varsity football player spoke in our morning assembly.  The purpose was to motivate our students to have a healthy lifestyle to achieve their future dreams.  On Friday morning, Coach Biles spoke to the students and read a motivational poem.  Ther week ended with a visit from the McLennan County Sheriff's Department where there bomb team did a very unique assembly for our students with the bomb robot.  The bomb team, along with the SWAT team and Lorena Police Department, led the students in our annual Red Ribbon Week parade to close out the great week!  Thanks to Mrs. Miller, our school counselor, for organizing a great week of fun and pertinent information for our students.


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