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LES students perform well

Lorena Elementary students took part in a UIL Academic Meet on December 12, 2023.

In 5th grade LES students won first place in social studies and third place in spelling, music memory, number sense, and listening.

4th grade students finished second in number sense and art. They also won third place in music memory, spelling, and chess.

3rd grade students won third place in chess and music memory.

LES UIL Academic Meet Results

5th Grade

Chess - Liam Carroll - 3rd Place

Spelling - 3rd Place Team

                Cody Page - 1st Place

                Alaura Halligan

                Summer Larsen

                Kye Rogers

Social Studies - 1st Place Team

                          Cody page - 1st Place

                          Jackson Cole - 2nd Place

                          Timber Niemeyer

                          Rex Key

Ready Writing - Julie Thompson - 6th Place

Music Memory - 3rd Place Team

                          Cora Cooper - 3rd Place

                          Norah Kirkwood

                          Molly Payne 

                          Edward Peterson

                          Noah Smith

Number Sense - 3rd Place Team

                           Zane Conlon

                           Will Furrer

                           Charlie Warren

                           Tyce Colbaugh

Dictionary - Ruth Miller - 6

Listening - 3rd Place Team

                  Haidyn Morgan - 3rd Place

                  Connor Boumans - 6th Place

                  Madelyn Olivo

                  Annabel Pruitt

Oral Reading - Walter Holle - 1st Place

4th Grade

Chess - 3rd Place Team

              Ian Blackwell - 2nd Place

              Harrison Davidson

              Landon Montgomery

              Levi Valentine

Spelling - 3rd Place Team

                Troy Andrews

                Samuel Taschler

                Kiera Torres

                Charlotte Kopitnik

Ready Writing - Carissa Becker - 1st Place

                          Hayleigh Hartman - 2nd Place

                          Lily Hill - 5th Place

Music Memory - 3rd Place Team

                           Edith DeJong - 4th Place

                           Presley Lee - 5th Place

                           Tatum Courtney

                           Stella Grant

                           Riley Symank

                           Shelby Price

Number Sense - 2nd Place Team

                           Caleb Deuire - 2nd Place

                           Eli Hoover - 4th Place

                           Tate Miller

                           Jordan Hoerner

Art - 2nd Place Team

        Marin Reeve - 2nd Place

        Adriana Gonzales - 6th Place

        Fallyn Rieger

        Mia Figuerora

        Addylyn Yose

        Vivian Sherwood

Oral Reading - Jett Hatridge - 4th Place

3rd Grade 

Chess - 3rd Place Team

              Bryson Fulwider - 6th Place

              Kash Kaylor

              Sammy Wilson

              Case Compton

Spelling - Rossana Ziaei - 2nd Place

Music Memory - 3rd Place Team

                           Alex Smith - 5th Place

                           Zed Jacobus

                           Hannah Miller

                           Mason Ratliff

                           Jaydon Franklin

                           Paige Reeve

Storytelling - Charlie Key - 5th Place